Between Women Season 4

Between Women Season 4

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Between Women Season 4

9 Videos

  • Episode 7 "Captured"

    The last episode of the season.

  • Episode 6 "Rearranged"

  • Episode 5 "No Grey Areas"Part 2

  • Episode 5 "No Grey Areas" Part 1

    The racial tension in the country has drawn a dividing line between lovers Kyler and Crystal. After seeing racist black-faced pictures online of Crystal’s friend, Kyler seeks help from Power Inc to help her find out if her girlfriend of 3 years is a racist when she’s not around. Natalie has to pu...

  • Season 4- Behind The Scenes

    Giving you something during our mid-season break. Join us for laughs, fun, and how we create while you wait for episode 5.

  • Episode 4 "Yin & Yang"

    Episode 4 "Yin & Yang"
    Mia and Adia have one thing in common this episode, trust. Will Adia go as far as Mia?
    airs February 12th at 8pm on

  • Episode 3 "Thin Line"

    There are no rules in love, however, life’s twists and turns synchronizes perfectly with the laws of the universe. As Rae continues to struggle with Beautiful leaving, she finds herself consoling a stranger one night at a bar going through like emotions. Rae feels compelled to help Fallon get the...

  • Episode 2 "Strange Fruit"

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    Executive Producer: Michelle A. Daniel
    Written by: Michelle A. Daniel & ParKer Bryant
    Directed by: Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

    Namaste Evolving- Natalie Hintmore- Harris
    Dred Carpenter- Miller Harris
    Look Alive- Rae Tyson
    LaToy Riles- Rhonda Stephens
    Toya S...

  • Episode 1 "Bloody Hands"

    There is more to Natalie Hintmore than being the faithful wife of Miller Harris. Power Inc is her company and altering destiny is her business. With a very dark secret trailing closely behind her, Natalie resurfaces with one goal in mind, to evade her karma. Opening the doors of Power Inc with fr...